As a very experienced software developer I just can't agree with your assessment that Bitcoin (and blockchain) was a brilliant technology and/or ground breaking concept.

Its standard is quite simple, there is nothing in it that I would categorize as an invention. It is a solution without a problem. As it became popular people have been trying to come up with problems that it could solve, and have been failing at that.

It is just re-inventing the wheel, but now with computers.

Why we need to invest in nuclear power for a better future.

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It took us a while, but the world is finally coming to accept climate change as the threat that it is. And we are slowly working to mitigate the damage that it caused and will be causing.

Electric vehicles are now on the verge of going mainstream. Renewable energy is gaining traction across the developed and developing nations. Politics and national self interests are still in control of these policies, it will take a while to make the transition to green energy. And while there is a limit to what technological advancements can do, they certainly do help.

Recently I was working on a Chrome extension that needed to make a few hundred fetch requests and then use the responses in further actions.

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There are a few ways you can handle this. You can simply use await to fetch URLs one after the other and go over the list of URLs.

Processing single URL at a time

This works, it gets the job done, but it would be quite slow. Processing one URL at a time and waiting for it to be done before the next.

Another method would be to use a callback function instead of await/async

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to use DLLs in Meta Trader. You might have existing code you don’t want to port, you might want to use a different language, you might have a proprietary library that you do not control, or you might simply want to use native Windows libraries to speed things up.

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In this article I will share how I used a native Windows DLL in a Meta Trader Custom Indicator to display a message box. The same methods would apply to Expert Advisors. Even other platforms would follow similar steps.

The reason…

Be picky, be picky, be picky

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I have been doing freelance work for more than 10 years now. I do have some other streams of income, but freelancing is still a big part of my job. And I would say I’m successful, with regular projects and a well established reputation. Over the years I’ve worked on quite a few projects and dealt with many different clients. So now I want to share that experience and help newcomers find success freelancing.

Before I get into the details I will just list the points:

  1. Do not compete on price
  2. Be picky about the projects you bid
  3. Create project…

Burhan Bavkır

I have been a freelance developer for over ten years now and have worked on a variety of platforms and languages.

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