Making Sense of Big Data

AWS Lambda is quite convenient. It is really easy just deploy a function on the cloud, without having to worry about the setup. You can get it running in mere minutes. But, its one major limitation is the deployment size, you can not deploy anything larger than 250MB.

Your own…

As a very experienced software developer I just can't agree with your assessment that Bitcoin (and blockchain) was a brilliant technology and/or ground breaking concept.

Its standard is quite simple, there is nothing in it that I would categorize as an invention. It is a solution without a problem. As it became popular people have been trying to come up with problems that it could solve, and have been failing at that.

It is just re-inventing the wheel, but now with computers.

Photo by Patrick Federi on Unsplash

It took us a while, but the world is finally coming to accept climate change as the threat that it is. And we are slowly working to mitigate the damage that it caused and will be causing.

Electric vehicles are now on the verge of going mainstream. Renewable energy is…

Burhan Bavkır

I have been a freelance developer for over ten years now and have worked on a variety of platforms and languages.

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